Artist statement


My artistic expression speaks through abstraction. Abstract art can influence, develop and shape modern society. It has the power to stimulate the consciousness, to inspire the imagination, to touch our hearts, fuelling our thoughts and our minds.


Now, after years of exploration and experimentation, I have found my artistic voice. I use oils consciously and consistently to capture depth, texture, colour and light. I add and build thin layers of colour onto the canvas until the image becomes saturated and mature. The process is slow, demands patience and time, as each layer of oil dries. I pause, consider and reflect at each stage of my practice, searching for possibilities and solutions that allow the gradual evolution of the final piece. I realise a symbiotic balance, a harmony between the considered and the spontaneous. A daily dialogue takes place between myself and my work, a dialogue which continues with the viewer when my finished pieces are on display.


My exhibitions are based on a single, overall concept, creating an atmosphere where colours and rhythms interact and work in harmony with the space. The architecture, size, character, colour and lighting all play their part. I free my abstract paintings from any unique symbolic meaning, welcoming and encouraging the viewer to seek their own interpretation. I attempt to appeal to the mind and to the senses, inviting the viewer to enter a new space, a space for reflection and contemplation, for rest and stimulation, clarity and balance, within my work. I hope silently to communicate with the viewer, to enable them to let go for a brief moment, to convey positive energy and to enrich their experience.


My art offers a pause, a spiritual reassessment, a fresh look at what it is to be alive in this modern society, the most important role for the contemporary artist.

Grazyna Gotz, painter
Born 1959 in Poland



1978 - 1981 Educated at the Cracow Academy of Fine Arts


1981 – 1983 Educated at the University of Applied Art Vienna – Master class in Painting with Professor Unger


1983 – First public show at the ”Geist und Form” exhibition in Vienna


1984 – Moved to Denmark


1984 – First public show in Denmark at the Artists’ Easter Exhibition


1984 – 1987 Established herself as an independent artist in Vejle, Denmark


1987 – Moved to Copenhagen, Denmark


1988 – Worked in Copenhagen as a Painter and Computer Graphic Artist


Since 1994 worked as an independent artist in Copenhagen


1997 – 2014 - Several work and study trips to Crete, Morocco, South East Asia, the Caribbean, the Canary Islands, Andalusia, Rome, Paris, New York, Barcelona and Vienna to name but a few





2013 – Beckett-Foundation

2011 – Wholesalers L.F. Foghts Foundation

2011 - Konsul Georg Jorck and Hustru Emma Jorck’s Fond

2003 – The Danish Foundation for the Arts

2003 – The Valparaiso Foundation, Andalusia – work grant

2001 – The Irgens-Bergh Foundation

1998 – The L.F. Foghts Foundation

1997 – The National Workshops for the Arts and Crafts, Gammel Dok Copenhagen – work grant

1989 – The Hvass Foundation Travel Grant




Works in public places, a selection of commissions:


  • The Danish Embassy in Brussels, Belgium
  • The Danish Embassy in Seoul, South Korea
  • The Danish Embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria
  • City of Næstved
  • Astellas Pharma Kastrup
  • City of Copenhagen – Concern Service
  • Hempel A/S Lyngby
  • Danish National Railways (DSB) Executive Office
  • Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Danish Ministry of Finance
  • Danish Ministry of Justice
  • ISS A/S Head Office Copenhagen
  • Danish Craft Council
  • The Barrister’s Association Copenhagen
  • Hvidovre Hospital Copenhagen
  • NVE Svinninge
  • Price Waterhouse Coopers Esbjerg
  • Aabenraa Hospital
  • Accountant Company S.A. Christensen & W. Kjærulff Copenhagen
  • Palæ Estates Copenhagen
  • Sonofon Aalborg
  • Consensus IT CopenhagenCopenhagen
  • Amagerbanken Head Office Copenhagen
  • Zürich Insurance Copenhagen
  • Sydbank Aabenraa
  • Forbo Copenhagen
  • Naturgas Syd
  • Herning Hospital




Solo Exhibitions, a selection:


2022 – Portnerboligen ved Sophienholm

2022 – Helleruplund Kunstforening

2018 – ”Spillerum” Skovhuset ved Søndersø (with Jens Chr. Jensen)

2017 – ”Abstrakte fortællinger ” Vestjyllands Kunstpavillon (with Jens Chr. Jensen)

2015 – The Red Tower, Slagelse

2014 – Brøndby Art Association

2013 – ”Nærvær” – Næstved Art Association

2013 – ”Nærvær” Galleri Claus C Copenhagen

2010 – Galleri Jørgen Østergaard Ikast (with Pascale Serre)

2010 – Islands Brygge House of Culture, Copenhagen

2008 – ”Klang” Portalen, Copenhagen (with Anette Blæsbjerg Ørom)

2004 – Galerie Egelund Copenhagen

2003 – Galerie Atrium ed Arte Wien

2002 – Galleri Art SoTo Aalborg

         - Galerie Egelund Copenhagen

2001 – Galleri Torso Odense

2000 – Galleri Art SoTo Aalborg

1999 – Galerie Atrium ed Arte Wien

1997 – Kongegaarden Art Association Korsør

1996 – Galleri Torso Odense

1994 – Galerie Zenit Copenhagen

         - Galleri Torso Odense

1993 – Galleri Meende Vejle

1992 – Galleri Syd Falster

         – Galleri Nouvelle Horsens

1991 – Galleri Heimburger Copenhagen

1990 – Galerie Zenit Copenhagen

1989 – Galleri Nouvelle Horsens

         – Galerie Zenit Copenhagen

1988 – Galerie Art sans Frontieres Strasbourg

1986 – Galleri Meende Vejle




Group Exhibitions, a selection:


2022 - Sommerudstillingen Masnedø Fort

2022 - Furesø Kunstforening, Farum Kulturhus

2012 – Galleri Claus C, Copenhagen

2012 – Galleri Jäger & Jansson, Lund, Sweden

2011 – Galleri Classic Palma, Mallorca

2011 – ”Passage” Rundetaarn Copenhagen

2010 – Galleri Jørgen Østergaard, Ikast

2009 – ”Galleri Jørgen Østergaard”, Ikast

2006 – Galerie Egelund Copenhagen

2005 – Galerie Egelund Copenhagen

2004 – ”Denmark at the Castle” Danish Institute of Culture in Poland

2003 – Wien Kunstmesse

2002 – Art Paris

         – Art Copenhagen

2001 – Art Paris

         – Kulturforum DanAustria Wien

         – Art Copenhagen

2000 – Art Copenhagen

         – Wien Kunstmesse

1999 – ”Cityscapes” Rundetaarn Copenhagen

         - Art Copenhagen

       – Galleri Torso Odense

       – Galerie Egelund Copenhagen

       – Randers Museum of Art

1998 – Art Copenhagen

       – The Exhibition Hall Kastet Thisted

       – Olivia Holm-Møller Museum Holstebro

1997 – Lyngby Art Association

1996 – Køge Art Association – Gallery of Køge

1995 – Aalborg Kunstpavillon

1994 – Vestjysk Art Association Tistrup

1993 – Svendborg Art Association

1992 – Vejle Art Association

1991 – Nikolaj Kirke Exhibition Hall Copenhagen

1989 – Galleria Spriano Omegna, Italien

1988 – Art Building Odense

       – Mikkeli Museum of Art Finland

1987 – Vejle Museum of Art

1986 – Artists’ Easter Exhibiton Århus

1985 – Artists’ Fall Exhibition Copenhagen

1984 – Artists’ Summer Exhibition Tistrup

         – Artists’ Easter Exhibition Århus

1983 – ”Geist und Form” Wien